Career Endeavors

For over 20 years I have worked as an Archaeologist & Cultural Resources Consultant throughout the 4 Corners region (Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico). I conduct site mapping, condition assessments, site stabilization, pedestrian survey and technical report writing. In addition I also provide an Indigenous perspective for various projects, exhibits and programs.

Conducting Site Assessments in the Grand Canyon.

I also work as an Outdoor Guide, leading day hikes, tours and multi-day backpacking and river trips for various companies and organizations throughout the 4 Corners, including the San Juan and Colorado Rivers.

River Guiding on the San Juan River.

I have both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Anthropology & Archaeology from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. My professional experience includes working for the National Park Service, The Hopi Tribe, The Museum of Northern Arizona, and Archaeology Southwest.

My work takes me into many different regions and I am fortunate to see up close and personal, numerous parts of my ancestral history. I speak first from my own experiences and this blog reflects my thoughts and perspectives.

Backpacking in Bears Ears National Monument.

Whether it is in the office, classroom or backcountry, I seek to provide an increased understanding of the longevity and cultural connections that Hopi People have to the landscapes of the American Southwest. Combining my academic training and cultural background, I strive to achieve this understanding through Archaeological Fieldwork, Creative Writing, Public Presentations and Outdoor Education & Recreation.

Site Mapping, SE Utah.

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Providing interpretation at Nankoweap Granaries, Grand Canyon.