Greetings and Welcome to, From The Earth Studio. My name is Lyle Balenquah and I am a member of the Hopi Tribe, from the Village of Paaqavi (Reed Springs Village) on 3rd Mesa. I belong to the Dep’wungwa (Greasewood) Clan from my mother’s side, and my father is of the Snake (Tsu’wungwa) Clan.

Photo Credit: Kennan Harvey

A quick note on what you will find here; I speak from my own experiences and perspectives first. I do not claim to represent the Hopi Tribe as a formal employee. Nor do I speak for all Hopi People, which is impossible as there are over 15,000 tribal members that come from 12 villages on 3 Mesas, 30+ clans and numerous religious societies. Hopi perspectives are complex and can vary widely.

This blog originally started out as a place to publish and archive my own writings and I will continue to do so. You can read past and current writings here, Blog Posts.

As the site develops I will post content about current and upcoming endeavors, as well as those put forth by friends and colleagues.

Fieldnotes & Sketches

The name From The Earth Studio is a metaphor of my professional work as an archaeologist, and the Hopi values I try to instill into my efforts. The name also reflects the artforms that I create in my jewelry, using natural turquoise, stone, shell and other materials. You can learn more about these products & the creative process here, The Turquoise Trail

Mosaic Pendant Styles

Through this website I will offer one Indigenous perspective on various topics of Archaeology, Cultural Resource Management, Outdoor Recreation & Education, Land Management, and other topics related to Indigenous culture.

You can read more about my academic and professional background here, Career Endeavors

All photographs, drawings, visual graphics, etc are taken, produced, edited and owned by me, unless otherwise noted.

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